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I love Orlando Carpet Repair! They fixed my carpet to tile transition that my dog chewed up. I couldn't be happier! Thanks Nick!
John & Karen S. Orlando, FL

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Carpet Stretching

Orlando Carpet Repair: Where Carpet Stretching Is Done Right Every Time
Taking care of your carpet is not easy. Even though you may do a good job at it, you sometimes encounter everyday wear and tear ruining your hard work. As a result of this, your carpet looks loose and wavy while sometimes, the signs are even more obvious. At Orlando Carpet Repair, we do a good job and take care of all of these problems and more with ease. We perform carpet stretching by making use of the latest equipment, techniques and tools so that your carpets look good as new again.

Different Kinds of Carpet Problems Faced

We, at Orlando Carpet Repair Pros, have experienced and continue to encounter endless kinds of carpet problems and issues. Some of the most common problems faced by residential as well as commercial carpet owners include the following:
All Issues Addressed Carefully
All of the above mentioned problems and hassles can be done away with when you contact us at Orlando Carpet Repair in time. For carpet padding fixes, we un-tack your carpet and replace the padding with a better quality one so that any difficulty that you experience does not reoccur. After this, we re-stretch your carpet using knee kicks so that the carpet is back to how it used to look. In the end, a power stretcher is used so that the carpet is held tightly in place.
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Our professionals are well versed in carpet stretching as they are equipped with years of experience and skill. We also possess the latest equipment and specialized tools when it comes to carpet stretching so that maximum stretch can be obtained. Your carpet will look well maintained and perfectly stretched even after years of use.
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